leopard courier contact number

Leopard Helpline Number – LCS Customer Support Center

If you are facing any issues regarding Leopard Courier tracking then you can contact the customer support of LCS now. You don’t need to worry at all because Leopard Courier is offering one of the best and fastest customer service in Pakistan. With the help of the Leopard helpline number, you can ask your queries and issues regarding the tracking of your parcel.

If the shipment of your order is already done and you are waiting for your consignment but you are not getting a CN number from LCS then you can simply make a call to a contact number of LCS and your problem will surely be solved.

If your consignment tracking is not working then you can also contact LCS via email or phone and you will get a response within 24 hours.

Leopard Helpline Number

leopard courier contact number

If you are struggling with finding the official Leopard customer support number then your struggle is now ended. Below are the official contact numbers of Leopard courier service and you can use them according to your city and location.

CityHelpline Number (Head Office)Whatsapp Number
Islamabad(051) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Karachi(021) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Quetta(081) 28292500316-1693444
Lahore(042) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Sialkot(052) 45807620316-1693444
Multan(061) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Faisalabad(041) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Hyderabad(022) 38216210316-1693444
Wah Cantt(051) 111-300-7860316-1693444
Peshawar(091) 23205320316-1693444
Gujranwala(055) 4297620/210316-1693444

Contact Number for United Kingdom Residents

If you are living in the UK and you want to contact Leopard then you need to dial:

  • (+44) 2084326966

You can also visit the office at:

Address: International House 24 Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom

How Do I Complain About a Leopard?

If you are experiencing problems while with Leopard Courier Service then you can contact Leopard immediately. If you are confused about how to contact and complain about Leopard then here is the guide for you.

There are two major problems that you can face while using LCS services. The first is the tracking of shipment and the second is all other services of Leopard. So here is how to submit a complaint to Leopard.

Submit a Complaint about Leopard Tracking of Shipment

If you have ordered something from any online store like Daraz or Alibaba and you are waiting for your parcel then you should know that you can track your parcel on this website. This website is offering all LCS Parcels tracking services that you can use to scan your parcel online.

However, if you are still facing problems and your parcel is delayed then you can do the following:

  1. Grab your smartphone or use any landline to call on the helpline number of Leopard Courier
  2. You can find all the numbers in the above table and choose according to your city or place
  3. Now dial the number and make a call
  4. Once your call is attended by one of the representatives of Leopard you can ask him about your problem
  5. Your complaint will be noted and resolved soon

Submit a Complaint for All Other LCS Services

In this method, you can choose the email system to file your complaint.

  • Open your email account
  • Create a new email and add “customerservice@leopardscourier.com” as the recipient
  • Now create a mail with your complaint in it and send it

You will get an official response from Leopard within 24 hours of contacting.

Leopard Courier Customer Support Center

If you are in a problem with LCS services and you are not sure what to do then there is no need to be anxious because LCS has a very fast and cooperative customer support team. However, you can visit any of the LCS Express Centers near you and tell them about your problem but making a phone call or sending an email is the easiest way and most convenient as well.

Whether you are looking for your parcel and you are not sure how to track it online or you have issues with LCS services, just make a call and your problem will be solved for sure.

LCS Contact Number F.A.Q

How Do I Track My Leopard Package?

The easiest and simplest way to track your Leopard parcel is by using an online tracking method. On this website, you can track any of the Leopard parcels without any issues. If you are not sure how to track your parcel then there is also a guide on this website that you can read.

How Long Does Leopard Courier Take to Deliver?

The delivery of Leopard depends on the kind of service you have used. There are over one dozen Leopard courier services that you can choose from. The fastest service is Leopard Overnight service. If you are using the Overnight service then you will get your parcel in just one night. However, the regular delivery time is 2 to 5 business days.

Does Leopard Work on Sunday?

No, Leopard courier doesn’t deliver on Sunday.

Who is the CEO of Leopard Courier?

The current CEO of Leopard is Jehangir Shahid. He is managing all the systems and runs the Leopard Courier Service company in Pakistan.

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