Do you have the DHL tracking number? Write down it inside the tracking bar and check the status of your DHL parcel. The tracking process is so simple; you only need to enter your DHL Express tracking number and click the Check My Tracking Information button.

About DHL Tracking

DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn. It is a courier and logistics company. It was established in 1969 it is an American-founded German courier company with numerous logistics and courier services. The company is famous for its fast and affordable courier services. DHL Express is also known for DHL customer service.

DHL Tracking

They have a wide range of services including DHL freight transportation, Express delivery, DHL eCommerce solutions, and supply chain management.

DHL is operating globally with over 220 countries. With a whopping number of 360,000 employees and 92,000 road vehicles, DHL can deliver in every nook and corner of the world.

Not only this, they can have over 1,400 warehouses and offices where they can store the parcels and packages. So in short, this massive courier service is the most reliable and quick service all over the world.

You can contact DHL customer service to inquire about your DHL express delivery status and they will respond quickly. So the customer service agents are also very cooperative and friendly.

How to Track DHL Express Package?

Are you lost while tracking your DHL Express package? Well, we are here to give you a helping hand. From typing the tracking number to getting the real-time data, we will cover our users for maximum convenience.

How to Track DHL Express Package

So without any further ado, let’s find out what you need to do in order to check your parcel tracking status.

Track Parcel Via Online Website

  1. First of all, you will need to have a smartphone or a PC, or a laptop. Because you can not track DHL packages without these devices. So pick your smartphone or laptop.
  2. Now you need to open your internet browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  3. Here you will type “DHL Tracking” and search on Google.
  4. You will find the DHL website so open it.
  5. Now you need to have your DHL tracking number.
  6. Enter the tracking number in the tracking bar and click on the tracking DHL shipments button.
  7. Check the details of your DHL package in real-time.

So this is the complete process of shipment tracking and it will only take a minute or two to find out where your parcel is right now.

Track DHL Parcel Via Phone

If you do not want to use the online method then you can use the phone method to track your parcel. In this way, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open the phone dialer in your phone and dial 1-800-225-5345.
  2. Wait for the call to be attended to and follow the prompts.
  3. Provide your tracking number when required and get the parcel details.

Tracking via SMS

Another way for DHL Express tracking is using SMS. Here is what to do:

  1. Open the SMS section of your mobile and add +44 7720 33 44 55 as the recipient.
  2. Enter the Express tracking details like tracking ID and send it.

So these are the ways that you can use to track domestic and international shipments. The delivery status of your parcel will be available here.

What is DHL Tracking Number Format?

DHL tracking number format depends on the service you are using. It also depends on domestic and international shipping. Here are a few examples of DHL tracking numbers:

DHL Express Tracking Number

DHL Parcel: If you are using the DHL parcel service then your tracking numbers will consist of 10 digits and letters as follows or similar variations:

  • 3SG57D94R0
  • JJD19T45C4
  • JVGL94GWM1

DHL Express: DHL Express is another service and it also has 10 digits and letters. DHL Express usually starts with 000, JVGL, JJD01, and JJD00.

DHL Global Forwarding: This tracking number has different formats. Let’s see what are those:

  • The first format is based on 9 or 7 digits and letters. It starts with 1 number and then comes up 2 letters and then again 6 or 4 numbers come up. It will look like, 5OP9254.
  • The second format consists of 7 numerics like 1234567.
  • This format starts with a 3-digit carrier code that is usually DHL. After that, there will be a dash (-) and then you will see eight-digit numbers.

DHL Delivery Services

DHL Express is a worldwide courier company that has earned a reputation in the logistics industry. They are offering international shipments, international Express, and integrated services all over the world.

We will see some of the best DHL tracking services in 2023. So let’s start:

DHL Freight/DHL Global Forwarding

DHL Freight is a service from DHL Cargo that deals with logistics and transportation services. It is developed to cater to the needs of heavy and larger shipments for domestic and international shipping. DHL has a variety of freight services that are tailored solutions for the shipping needs of any business.

  • Road Freight: Covering domestic and international transportation needs, DHL Express has everything that a business needs when it comes to road freight.
  • Rail Freight: For long-distance shipping, DHL Express is offering rail freight service.
  • Intermodal Solutions: This is a fusion of all different freight services like rail, road, sea and fly to offer a one-stop shop for transporting needs.

DHL Express

Want to ship a parcel overnight? Try DHL Express delivery services. DHL delivers that ship in an envelope and offers an international shipping facility.

DHL eCommerce

If you are an eCommerce merchant, you can use this service to deliver your products at affordable prices. DHL Express is also offering a dedicated tracking portal for eCommerce owners. The shipment is also very fast and based on a cash-on-delivery system. You can also use a tracking API for your business.

DHL Tracking Status and Meaning

When you will track your DHL shipment, you will see some status updates that you may not be aware of. Here is the explanation of those delivery statutes:

  1. In Transit/In Progress: If you are seeing a mess that is saying your current status is “In Transit” then it means your parcel is ready to send out from the warehouse.
  2. Arrived at Overseas: The shipper has sent your parcel overseas and it will ship from here.
  3. Arrived at Customs/Destination Country: This status shows that your parcel arrives at its destination and now it will have to clear customs before it will deliver to you. This process usually takes time as customs officials have to inspect the shipment before they mark it approved. So you may need to wait for some time here.
  4. Held in Customs: This simply means that your parcel did not get approval for delivery as there may be some additional documents that will be required. This is because you need to pay all duties so your shipment can get a NOC.
  5. Out for Delivery: Finally, this time, your package is out for delivery. That simply means a local delivery person is on the way to you to deliver your DHL parcel. Usually, you will get your parcel in 5 to 6 hours after this status update.
  6. Delivered: It is the final step of the delivery where you receive your package. This update means you have received your shipment and now there is no package in the pending list. If you haven’t received the DHL parcel but it shows delivered, then you need to contact customer support immediately.
  7. Exception/Failed Delivery Attempt: This status means that your order was tried to deliver but due to some reasons the mail was not delivered. This could be due to a wrong address, no one was there to receive the parcel, and something like this. In this case, DHL will guide you further on what you need to do now to get your parcel.

How Long Does DHL Take to Deliver?

The delivery times depend on the type of courier service. However, the normal delivery times of DHL Express are as follows:

Domestic Delivery: If you are looking for a domestic delivery that is inside the United States, a DHL parcel will be delivered to you in 2 to 8 business days. Also, transporting letters may take less delivery time.

International Shipping: For international express shipments, DHL will take 3 to 2 weeks to deliver your parcel. However, international shipments may take more delivery time due to many factors that vary depending on the local level of couriers.


What is DHL tracking?

DHL tracking is a parcel tracking method. It uses the tracking number and sends you the current status of your DHL parcel and shipments.

What is a DHL tracking number?

A DHL tracking number is a combination of random digits and letters that is system generated. It has all the information like who is the sender, who is the receiver, the origin of the parcel, and the destination of the shipment, etc.

How to get my DHL express tracking number?

If you have purchased something from an online store then you will get your tracking number in your email. You need to check your order email confirmation to copy your tracking ID and check the status of your parcel in real-time.

Can I Track my shipments without a tracking ID?

No, you can not track any kind of shipment without a tracking ID. It depends on your ID so you need to provide it.

What are the benefits of DHL tracking API?

With a tracking API, customers can check the end-to-end tracking details. Also, customers can check all the processed and pending parcel details.

Where is the DHL track located?

DHL is covering all the territories worldwide. No matter if you are living in the US, Canada, or Germany, you can use this portal to track any type of shipment.

Can I send an electronic device via DHL?

Yes, you can send any electronic device via DHL courier. However, you may need to pay some extra bucks to handle that device with care.

Contact DHL Customer Service

For any kind of complaint or shipment inquiry, you can contact the customer support center of DHL. You can dial the helpline number of the United States or you can send them an email as well. Please choose the method that suits you the most.

  • Helpline Number: 1 (800) 225-5345
  • Technical support: 1 (800) 527-7298
  • Billing support: 1 (800) 722-0081
  • Address: 365 Strategy Dr, Suite 300, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46229


DHL tracking can help you to find out the current position of your shipment. DHL Express is not like other couriers that do not offer a quick and accurate tracking system. Our site is always ready to serve all the users who want to check their packages and parcels.

DHL is an international Express so you can check the parcel tracking from any country in the world. We use an end-to-end tracking system that is secure and fast to show your shipment status.

If you have any questions about DHL or parcel tracking, you can always ask us anytime. Have a safe day!

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