Leopard Courier Overnight Service

Leopard Courier Overnight Service

How many times do you wish that you could send your parcels to your friends or customers in just one night? If you are still wishing to send any kind of consignment, cargo, or shipment to another place or province in just one night then Leopard Courier Overnight service is a big savior for you.

From important documents to business cargo packages, you can send and receive anything in just one night’s duration. So let’s explore more about this Leopard service.

Before we go into detail, you should know that Leopard tracking is very easy now and you can do it on this website. This website is offering the easiest way to track any Leopard parcel online.

What is Leopard Courier Overnight Service?

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Overnight express service is one of the best LCS services that you can avail yourself of in Pakistan. As you know in Pakistan people have to wait for many days to get a parcel delivered. But not anymore. With the arrival of LCS Overnight service, the whole system has changed now.

Now all you have to do is just book a shipment or consignment and get it over the next day. No need to keep waiting for the packages because now you can get them in just 24 hours. Also, the booking system of this service is also very easy and there is no need to be an expert in cargo to get this service.

How to Use Leopard Courier Overnight Service?

The use of Leopard Courier Overnight is very simple and easy. There are two ways to use this service.

  1. Online
  2. Visiting the Express center

Let’s see both methods and see how to get this service in Pakistan.

Method No. 1 Online

This is the simplest method to use this service. All you have to do is just visit the website of Leopard courier and then book your service. This method is no doubt the easiest as you don’t even need to get up from your bed or chair but many times you need to visit the office because your order is bulky or large in quantity.

Method No. 2 Visit the Nearest Express Center

This method is a bit longer but this is the recommended method to use this service. If you are sending a bulky package then you should visit the express center of LCS and then use this service.

  1. Go to the nearest Express center of LCS or you can type in your smartphone “Leopard Courier Near Me”
  2. Once you find the express center or Leopard near your location now you can visit the office
  3. Bring your parcel along with you and ask the LCS agent to send the parcel using the overnight service
  4. You will get a Yellow box to pack the parcel and you need to enter the address of sending destination
  5. Once your parcel is packed and ready to deliver, the agent will give you a tracking number that you can use to track your parcel online
  6. Now you can leave the express center and your order will be delivered in just one night

How to Track My Overnight Package?

The tracking method is very easy and you need to just visit the homepage and enter your tracking number to track your Overnight parcel. Once you enter the tracking ID, you will redirect to your parcel’s location page. Here you can check all the details of the delivery.

What are the Charges for LCS Overnight Service?

Follow the below table to know about the charges for Overnight service.

Package WeightLocal DeliverySame ZoneDifferent Zone
Up to 500 gmRs. 140Rs. 200Rs. 280
Up to 1 KgRs. 190Rs. 260Rs. 340
Each Add. 500 gmRs. 95Rs. 130Rs. 170


Why is my Overnight parcel delayed?

The company is offering one business day delivery but some technical reasons and circumstances that are not in the hand of the company can result in the delay of your parcel.

Can I send my office documents with Overnight service?

Yes, of course, you can send any type of document like important office documents or your degree without any fear of losing. Your documents will be delivered in just one business day.

Are you delivering on Holidays?

The normal delivery services are off on Sundays and other holidays however if you are using the Overnight service then your parcel will be delivered on Sunday as well. But there are some extra charges for this delivery.

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