Leopard Bulao Service

Leopard Bulao Service

Leopard Bulao is a service from Leopard Courier Service. In this service, you can schedule a pick-up with Leopard with just one simple step. So if you are looking for creating a pickup request then Leopard Bulao is your best option.

All you have to do is create a pickup request and the rest of the things will be on Leopard services. In this guide, you will learn how to create a pickup request from any city in Pakistan for free. So read this guide.

Leopard Bulao Service

How to Create a Pickup Request with Leopard Bulao Service?

If you are looking for a pickup service and you want to send or receive a parcel from abroad then Leopard services have covered you. You don’t need to worry about your parcel timings as well. With Leopard Tracking, you can track the Leopard Bulao service parcels online.

You can learn how to request a pickup schedule with the Leopard Bulao service.

Submit Pickup Request – Step by Step

So now let’s see how you can schedule a pickup with Leopard Bulao.

Step 1 – Visit the Official Website

If you are not sure what is the official website of Leopard then you don’t need to worry at all. You can visit the official website by clicking on this link.

Once you visit the website or webpage then you will see a form that you need to fill in order to submit a pickup request. You can also use COD services if you want.

Step 2 – Fill out the Pickup Request Form

In this step, you need to fill out the pickup service form. If you are not sure how to fill out that form then you can read the guide further.

Fill out the Pickup Request Form

Pickup Details

In this section, you should enter the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Province
  • Pickup city name
  • Shipper’s pickup address
  • Shipper’s address
  • Your comment if you have any
  • Pieces
  • Weight
  • Shipment value in rupees

Once you have entered all these details, you can click on the create pickup request button. Your request will be transferred to one of the representatives of Leopard services.

Step 3. Calculate the Shipping Rates

In this last step, you can calculate the shipping rates. Here is how you can do it.

Calculate the Shipping Rates
  1. Visit the official webpage of Leopard Bulao services
  2. On that page, you will see two forms. One is that you already filled previously for making a pickup request while the second one is for calculations of shipments
  3. Proceed to the second form and fill in the following details
  4. First of all, select your shipment type “Domestic or International”
  5. Now select the service type
  6. Select your city or province
  7. Fill in the pickup location
  8. Enter the weight of your parcel
  9. Now click on calculate button and you will see the charges


Do Leopard Courier Pickup From Home?

Yes, Leopard courier can pick up the parcel from your home and shops. All you have to do is just send them a pickup request.

Can I Track the Leopard Bulao Parcels?

Yes, you can track any of those Leopard shipments online. All types of shipping services are included with the tracking facility.

How to Track my Leopard Bulao Parcel?

In order to track your parcel with Leopard, you need to check the tracking number of your consignment. Once you get the tracking number, now you can track the parcel on this website.


So this is all about Leopard Bulao services. This service is very good and you can take advantage of these services. Also, you can track your shipment with this service as well. So if you want to schedule a pickup request then you can do it via your mobile using your internet browser. So what are you waiting for? Arrange your pickup today!

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