Leopard Tracking Number

Leopard Tracking Number (CN)

Leopard tracking number is a 9-digit code that you will get when you order your parcel via Leopard courier services. Many users get confused when it comes to Leopard tracking number because they do not know how to get this consignment number. But you don’t need to worry, this website will guide you on how to track leopard consignment while using Leopard tracking services online.

You can follow these guidelines to get your LCS CN number and trace it online without any issues. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your parcel through the shipment process.

Leopard Tracking Number
Leopard Tracking Number

Leopard Courier Pakistan (LCS)

Leopard courier Pakistan is a logistics and courier service company. The company was established in 1983. Mian Jehangir Shahid was the person who launched this courier service company and he started with just one office. But later, it expanded to over 1000 offices all around Pakistan.

Now Leopard is offering online parcel tracking services as well. Whether you are in Lahore, Islamabad, or Karachi, you can trace any package using an online website and a tracking code.

What is CN Number?

CN number is the abbreviation of Consignment Number. When you place an order online with any e-commerce store like Alibaba and Daraz, they provide you with a unique number called CN number. This number is also called a tracking number. The Number can be found on the transcript sticker on the parcel.

If you have the CN number of your order, you can track it with the Leopard tracking service on your mobile and through SMS.

What is Leopard Tracking Number QR Code?

For the utmost convenience of customers, Leopard has introduced the QR code system as well. If you are unable to find your tracking number then you can also use the QR Code to locate your parcel. The QR code is printed on the receipt of your parcel delivery. You can trace the parcel with the help of a bar code.

How to Get Leopard Tracking ID and What is the Format?

When you order something online, for example, you have ordered a package from Price Oye or Alibaba, now you will get an email from the store that your order is received and we are in process of shipping your order.

The next email you receive will be Thanks for Ordering with “Price Oye” and we have shipped your order. Your tracking number format will be as follows:

CN Number (UHSL12345)

So you need to save this code and then visit this website.

Track Cash Parcel Leopards Courier

If you have a cash parcel or cash-on-delivery parcel that you have ordered, then you can also check the status of your parcel online. All you will need is a tracking number of your cash parcel and then you need to visit this website to enter your cash parcel tracking number and then track the shipment.

What is the Leopard COD Tracking Number?

You need to keep one thing in mind whether you are ordering through COD or Ovrngith the tracking number of LCS is almost similar in format. So there is no special format for all types of service.

If you are using the COD service of leopards then you can use the same method that is already mentioned above. The CN number of COD will be on the sticker that is labeled on the LCS box. You just need to check the box.

How to Track Order By Mobile?

If you don’t have a laptop or PC then you don’t need to worry because you can still track your order with a mobile. Here is how to do it.

How to Track Order By Mobile
  1. Open Chrome web browser on your mobile
  2. Write “https://leopardcouriertracking.com/” in the web address bar
  3. Now you will see a website where you can insert your tracking number
  4. Enter the tracking number in the search bar and click on track your parcel
  5. Now you will go to another page where you have to enter your tracking code once again
  6. Now your package information will be there

Is Leopard Courier Fast?

Yes, as the name represents the “Leopard” the service is as fast as a leopard. If you want to send a gift to your loved ones or you want to get a consignment from an international client, you can use this express courier service without having a second thought.

There are over dozens of different courier and logistic services that you can take advantage of. However, Leopard does not deliver on Sunday. The service time is Monday to Saturday. So yes, they deliver on Saturday.

What is the Average Delivery Time of LCS?

For all domestic-level packages, LCS takes around 24 to 36 hours to deliver your package. You need to wait for 36 hours before you contact with help center. If your parcel is delayed then you can call LCS customer service and ask them about your package.

Remember that, LCS mail does not deliver on Sunday so you should wait for Monday before you file a complaint against your order. There could be many reasons for the delay but there is no need to worry because your parcel will arrive for sure.

LCS Helpline Number

If you are facing any issue or problem then you can contact the support team of Leopard anytime. Here are the UAN helpline numbers for different cities.

  • Lahore: (042) 111-300-786
  • Karachi: (021) 111-300-786
  • Islamabad: (051) 111-300-786


Why Is My Package Not been Received?

If your package is delayed or you haven’t received it yet then you need to call Leopard courier service immediately. You can call on UAN numbers for each city.

Is There any Difference between the Tracking Number and the Tracking Code?

No, there is no difference in the tracking number and tracking code. Both are the same things. Even CN is also the same which means Consignment Number.

How to Find a Leopard Courier Near Me?

If you are looking for a Leopard courier near me then you have to open Google Maps and type “Leopard Courier Near Me” and turn on your pinpoint location. Now you will see all the pickup centers and offices that will be near you.

Can a Leopard courier pick up a parcel from home?

Yes, with the new leopard courier service, now you can get the free pick-up from home service as well.


You should now know everything about how to track code and get the tracking numbers from Leopard. Once your tracking code is allocated, you can trace your consignment online. The process of tracing is so simple. All you have to do is enter the code and then click on the track button. All of your package information will be displayed on your screen.

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