TCS Courier Rates

TCS courier rates are here. If you want to know how much you need to pay for a parcel then this is a guide that you need to read. We will guide you about what are the charges that you need to pay for a particular parcel. As you know TCS is using one of the best delivery services in Pakistan at lower prices. That is the reason people are using this courier service more than any other like Leopard courier or M&P courier service. So in this case, you need to know what are the charges to pay when it comes to delivering a parcel using the courier service of TCS.

How Much Does TCS Courier Service Cost in Pakistan?

TCS courier service is one of the most reliable and affordable services in Pakistan. About 70% of the Pakistani nation is using TCS as a courier service to send goods and parcels to their friends and family members. The TCS rates are so affordable that everyone can send a consignment using this useful courier service.

If you want to know how much courier service costs in Pakistan then you need to read this article about TCS rates. We have explained all the categories along with charges so you can understand what the TCS charges for sending a parcel.

What are the Charges for TCS Home Pickup?

TCS Hazir is a service that offers a 60-minute pickup service from your doorstep. Now you do not need to visit the Express centers of TCS to send a parcel. With the Hazir service, TCS will come to your doorstep and pick up the parcel from your home. Here are the charges for Hazir services:

Package WeightCharges
Documents or below 1KG ParcelsRs. 100
25KGRs. 1370

TCS Rates

Here is the accurate and 2023 updated rates of TCS courier services. You can check the below tables for rates of each kind of courier service.

TCS Same Day Delivery Rate List

If you are in a rush to send a parcel then same day delivery service is what you should choose. This is the quickest delivery service that you can get in Pakistan.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Up to 1000 GramsCity to CityRs. 350Rs. 60
Up to 1000 GramsWithin Same CityRs. 90Rs. 25

TCS Overnight Delivery Rate List

If you want to send urgent shipments to the next delivery day then you need to choose this service.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Upto 0.5 KGWithin CityRs. 30Rs. 20
0.6-1 KGWithin CityRs. 40Rs. 20
Upto 0.5 KGSame ZoneRs. 43Rs. 30
0.6-1 KGSame ZoneRs. 60Rs. 30
Upto 0.5 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 87Rs. 48
0.6-1 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 99Rs. 48

TCS Extra Special Express Rate List

For most important parcels, this is a way to use and send your important parcels easily.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Upto 1 KGCity to CityRs. 150Rs. 75
Upto 1 KGWithin Same CityRs. 65Rs. 33

TCS Red Box Delivery Rate List

Now if you want to send a parcel urgently but it is a bigger one then this service will cover you.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Up to 2 KGWithin CityRs. 87Rs. 30
Up to 5 KGWithin CityRs. 161Rs. 30
10 KGWithin CityRs. 204Rs. 20
25 KGWithin CityRs. 300Rs. 20
Up to 2 KGSame ZoneRs. 126Rs. 50
Up to 5 KGSame ZoneRs. 213Rs. 50
10 KGSame ZoneRs. 300Rs. 30
25 KGSame ZoneRs. 517Rs. 30
Up to 2 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 152Rs. 80
Up to 5 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 326Rs. 80
10 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 517Rs. 50
25 KGDifferent ZoneRs. 935Rs. 50

TCS Second Day Delivery Rate List

This is a 48-hour delivery service that will send your parcel to your destination in 48 hours.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Upto 3 KGWithin CityRs. 150Rs. 50
Upto 3 KGCity to CityRs. 150Rs. 50

TCS Third-Day Overland Delivery Prices

If you want to send bulky shipments then use this third-day service.

Package WeightDestinationRatePrice for Each Add. 0.5 KG
Upto 10 KGCity to CityRs. 150Rs. 20
Upto 10 KGWithin Same CityRs. 150Rs. 20

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